Seattle is known for many things, Starbucks, Amazon, notoriously unpredictable weather, the Space Needle, people who wear sandals with socks during the winter, incredible outdoor activities and more. We have become the fastest growing city in the United States and our only rival in number of tower cranes per square mile is Dubai. But, with such a steady influx of people, it has become apparent that while people are aware of all of Seattle’s unique amenities, there is still ample room for education surrounding the deep, rich and diverse cultural history of what has made Seattle the crown jewel of the Pacific Northwest. For our team, there are few things more powerful than exploring the community in which we live, with the CBD strains of the plant we love – follow us as we examine the way race, culture, creativity and cannabis intersect to produce a meaningful understanding for the collective history of the city we care for  so deeply.

Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center, solstice, sativa dominant hybrid, lux pot shop

Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center
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While Seattle has come to be a city filled with immigrants from across the furthest reaches of the earth, it is imperative to recognize that the people who cared for, curated and manifested some of Seattle’s most deeply revered ideals were here long before anyone else. At Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center, visitors can explore the artistic impact that traditional Native American art has had on the entire region and it’s cultural identity. Individuals and groups can take a self-guided tour through their numerous award winning galleries; take classes to learn more about the unique history’s of Pacific Northwest tribes; and interact with leaders in the community to distinguish methods of being better allies to the culture we owe more than just our namesake to. Open Monday’s through Friday between 9am and 5pm, Daybreak Star is a donation based space, located at Land’s End in Discovery Park, where visitors can explore and educate themselves, in one of the city’s most beautiful parks, with scenic views and opportunity to soak up the elements of Seattle’s natural beauty that influences so much of the art throughout the center.

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African American Museum
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The upper left corner, like many other places in the United States has been fraught with subtle segregation for decades; and the steady rise in cost of living has forced residents of predominantly African American neighborhoods to relocate outside of the city limits. In effect, the symptoms of said gentrification present Seattle as an exceedingly white city; but, the reality is that the Emerald City would not be what it is today without the African American community. While many are aware of our thriving music scene, many do not know that it can be almost entirely attributed to the rise of Jazz and Blues, gifted to our nightlife by people looking to begin anew after moving away from the South in the late 1800’s early 1900’s. The art scene at present is dominated almost entirely by black women, creating revolutionary safe spaces for black creatives to be celebrated and recognized – and there is no better example of this than the Northwest African American Museum, a project that was 25 years in the making and currently in it’s eighth year of existence. Tickets can be purchased online or onsite and cost $7 for adults. The NWAAM is a multi-generational and inclusive space designed to encourage real conversation about hard truths, through creativity, art and honesty, it’s a must see for any resident or visiting tourist.

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Seattle Asian Art Museum
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The original home of the Seattle Art Museum and built in 1933, the Asian Art Museum, tucked away in the lush green surroundings of Volunteer Park, has become and iconic monument for the wealth of Asian cultural history within the Seattle community. Containing both ancient relics and modern art from art activists like Ai WeiWei, the SAAM is home to some of the most precious artifacts of in Seattle. With 80 years of mindful curation under it’s belt, it’s no secret that the SAAM is one of the best spaces to get lost within and learn about one of the most tantamount cultural influences on the city. The museum is currently undergoing a massive fundraising campaign to expand their collection and restore some of the failing architecture to it’s original splendor and develop and even more deeply aware and intersectional understanding of the influence of Asian art, throughout the city. Visit them now to support their efforts to insure that the generations to come have access to this elemental component of our collective history.

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Nordic Heritage Museum
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Ballard has become an increasingly popular neighborhood over the last several years. Filled now with condos and high-end restaurants, it has become progressively easier to overlook the old fishermen’s taverns and the presence of Nordic culture. The museum was founded in 1980 and over the course of the last 36 years has become a staple in the local community. Filled with Viking treasures, Nordic mythology and more, it has become a central to understanding the significant part that Nordic immigrants played in shaping modern Seattle. In recent years, the museum has opened itself up to some of the most progressive modern art exhibits in the city and continues to grow and develop. Over the next couple of years, the museum will migrate from it’s original home on 67th in Sunset Hill to a new building being constructed on the busy throughway Market St. With this expansion we can assume to see an increase in both permanent and travelling collections, as well as a greater development of the understanding the role of Nordic culture.

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Museum of History and Industry
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The Museum of History and Industry, otherwise affectionately referred to as the MOHAI has become one of Seattle’s greatest testaments to the important and tangible roles that every immigrant and native culture played in the development of the city’s identity. With exhibits that explore everything from the emergence of hip-hop in Seattle to the deconstruction of Denny hill to make Seattle’s famous waterfront, to explorations of the effects of industrialization on every culture, to artists and photographers who broke down racial barriers to the emergence of legal cannabis, the MOHAI is nothing short extraordinary. Located in beautiful South Lake Union, it’s an ideal location to absorb as much as possible in one of Seattle’s most historical neighborhoods.

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