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Sungaze Seltzers in Seattle

Not your grandpa’s hard seltzer!

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A Bale Breaker Brewing Company x Painted Rooster Cannabis Collab

If you’re a non-drinker, you probably rejoiced when infused beverages first hit the cannabis scene.

“Finally!” you thought. “Now I can socialize at events with alcohol and not look like a weirdo for not having a brew in my hand. The game has been changed!”

And then you went to a dispensary to look into your options, and found that most cannabis drinks aren’t meant to be put back like a couple beers.

With typical dosage starting at 10mg THC and going up to 100mg THC, you might be uncomfortably stoned if you tried to drink infused beverages the way you would beer or wine or hard seltzer.

If this struggle sounds familiar, don’t give up on the idea of finding that stoney sipper just yet. There’s a cannabis libation that was designed to be consumed exactly the way you would an alcoholic beverage, because they’re made by folks who understand social drinking better than most.

That drink? Sungaze cannabis seltzers, the newest venture of local craft brewery Bale Breaker Brewing Company. They’re trading their hops for cannabis plants, teaming up with Yakima Valley cannabis producers Painted Rooster Cannabis Company.

Low dose….but not low in fun!

Most of the beverages on the market seem to be designed for users who want to get around the 10mg legal limit for edibles.

High-dose beverages such as these are great for people who use non-smokables for sleep or pain management. But in a social setting, you don’t wanna have to monitor each of your sips to make sure you’re not overindulging.

Well, Sungaze Seltzer’s got you on that front- in addition to their 5mg CBD, their seltzers contain no more than 2.5mg of THC in the whole can!

No more measuring out your dose and cutting it with another beverage. No more mental calculations. With Sungaze beverages, you can have a couple of drinks just like your friends are having a couple of beers…and get just the right amount of stoned.

Mixologist-approved flavors

Obviously, you have to be over 21 to even purchase an infused soda…..yet most of them seem geared towards an elementary schooler’s palate.

The high sugar content, the artifical flavoring and dyes…it’s enough for you ask yourself, “This IS for adults, right?”

But you won’t be asking yourself anything when you opt for a Sungaze drink. Except maybe, “Why didn’t they make drinks like this sooner?!”

With flavors reminiscent of classic cocktails, like Sungaze Lemon Ginger, Sungaze Lime Agave, and Sungaze Strawberry Citrus, there’s a little something for everyone- and it’s all made with real fruit and natural flavor, free from artificial dyes. No faking the funk here.

Crack open a couple of cold ones

Sungaze Cannabis Company isn’t just another infused beverage company.

The folks at Bale Breaker Brewing and Painted Rooster Cannabis know what you need out of cannabis drinks, and they’re here to deliver.

From the low dosage, to the sophisticated flavors, to the high quality cannabis crop that goes into it, Sungaze seltzers represent a much-needed shakeup in the cannabis beverage space.

Now, go and see for yourself what makes them different!!

We’re stoked to offer you the full lineup of Sungaze Cannabis Company seltzers!

Find Sungaze at all Lux locations, or check on availability for your favorite location on the menus below.