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Premium Chocolates, Hard Candies, and Gummies

Whoever said “there’s no accounting for taste” clearly never encountered Verdelux.

Because this edible producer out of Bellingham has done exactly what that phrase claims to be an impossible feat: accounted for the wide spectrum of personal taste.

Embraced it, even.

In a space where many companies take a “just make it taste good enough for them to choke it down” approach, Verdelux elevates edibles to a gastronomic experience.

After all, the benefits of THC and CBD shouldn’t have to supersede the benefits of having tastebuds.

It doesn’t matter if your palate leans towards chocolate, fruit, or a little of both! Verdelux has scores of edibles you may like across heaps of product lines.

The Verdelux Ethos

In the production process for a lot of cannabis edibles today, non-cannabis ingredients take a backseat. However, Verdelux takes extra care in sourcing ALL of its ingredients.

We’re talking local butter and milk. Fair trade chocolate. Even organic cane sugar.

Similarly, Verdelux ensures everyone has a way to enjoy their edibles, regardless of dietary restrictions. Almost everything across all of their many lines is gluten-free and vegan, from their chocolates to their gummies.

Following the tradition of Victorian confectionaries, their edibles are hand-tempered in small batches for utmost quality control.

Made With Full Spectrum Cannabis Extract

We’ve touched on all of the non-cannabis components of Verdelux’s products…but what about the cannabis component?

Rest assured, Verdelux has done its thing in this department, as well.

First, they source premium starting material from some of the best farms in Washington. Then, they extract! Extracted with organic food grade ethanol, their full-spectrum oil is strain and batch specific.

The coolest part? You can trace their edibles back to the source! Check the sticker by the nutrition facts if you’re curious about the strain and farm your edibles come from.

Verdelux Products

Verdelux has a line for every lifestyle.

With single servings as well as 6-10 edible pcs. per box/bag, you’re sure to find a new favorite amongst their many forays.

Bon Bombs

Verdelux’s Bon Bombs are their most acclaimed product.

Gluten-free and made with the highest quality ingredients, these Bon Bombs offer confectionary-grade chocolate and caramel in CBD and THC denominations.

Lush Gummies

Lush Gummies are another popular product line under the Verdelux umbrella.

Vegan and gluten-free, these pectin-based gummies have a similar consistency to a fruit snack and come in a variety of flavors and formulations.


Think of Bombshells as the happy medium between Lush Gummies and Bon Bombs- perfect for someone who can’t decide between gummies and chocolates.

For this newer addition to the Verdelux family, Lush Gummies are coated in the same fair-trade chocolate used to make Bon Bombs.


Illuminations are Verdelux’s hard candies.

They have the same strain specificity and premium starting material of their more sophisticated Verdelux counterparts, making them a great budget-friendly option.

Sapphire Bars

Sapphire Bars are unique. Unlike Verdelux’s Bon Bombs or other chocolates in the edible space, they come as one solid chocolate bar.

Containing 200mg of CBD and only 10mg THC in the whole bar, they’re a sublime non-psychoactive edible option.

Meltaway Truffles

Available in 1:1 CBD/THC formulations only, Meltaways are an even more elevated version of Verdelux’s Bon Bombs.

Unlike Bon Bombs, which are chocolate filled with more chocolate, Meltaways have a chocolate outer shell and different fillings: coconut and peanut butter, just to name a few.

We’re proud to carry Verdelux edibles at all Lux locations!

Browse the selection in-person, or on the menu for your L.O.C. (Lux of choice) below!