Amnesia OG is here! A super citrus cross of Amnesia x Biker Kush.  Gold Leaf Gardens grows the new designer strains, but specialize in classic PNW genetics. Amnesia OG Flower by Gold Leaf Gardens dense colas, coated with crystal trichomes, rust colored stigmas. Sweet, citrus flavor (Limesicle vibes) spicy, peppery after in-hale. Spicy, fruity, sweet, sour. Sativa dominant, with full-body effects. Uplifting, relaxed, clear-headed. The minimalist packaging is sustainable, and easy to view the beautiful nugs. Love! Overall one of our favorite sativas! Super versatile, great for creative work, going-out, video games, or listening to music and knocking out some chores.


Like a cup of coffee, Amnesia OG should be the first smoke of the day. Its bright effects take some time to creep in. However, once you get there, they hang around for a long time. This isn’t an instant smack kind of high that many strains have today. Give it some time, you might not need more after 15-20 minutes goes by. The first time we tried it, we thought it had lighter, clear sativa effects so we continued to smoke more. While this wasn’t a bad thing, we were definitely caught off guard by the power of the effects once we left the house. An hour later, we arrived to a pumpkin patch and had no need to spark another before running around the land. The effects honestly only seemed to enhance overtime. Being surrounded by corn mazes, pumpkins, and farm animals probably helped too.

A lot of strains are good for video games and chillin on the couch. When you want a break from the mellow side, Amnesia OG from Gold Leaf Gardens is an excellent pick. Had us feeling all giddy and really enjoyed being outside. Gold Leaf always brings those kind effects that are difficult to find. Their ‘Grown with Aloha’ approach is something you can feel. Healthy plants lead to happy highs.

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*Limited Supply Available