Animal Cocktail is a mysterious cross full of unique flavor and effects. It’s always exciting to try Skords reserve concentrates line, there’s no guarantee you’ll see these strain again from them! It’s not that the genetics aren’t awesome, it just might not yield or grow quick enough to be a staple in the garden. With that said, this animal cocktail wax is the perfect balance between sauce and stable sugar wax. Easy to scoop exactly how much you want without it being too runny. Similar to a thick jam consistency. Their propane hash oil process does an excellent job at extracting high terpene content which is evident in the rich orange color. The extracts smell and taste like the flower just in a concentrated and smoother form. The flavor is quite unique and hard to pin point. It’s unlike any weed or food we’ve had. Musky and sweet, like a cocktail of different animal musks. While the flavor is definitely tough to put into words, the high is clear. A lovely rush of cerebral relaxation. Thought inspiring, but zen. Definitely a unique smoke and interesting flavor for those that are bored with all of the dessert focused strain out right now.

*Limited Supply Available