Whenever we get a new strain from Gold Leaf Gardens, it’s always an exciting day. Recently we received some of their Animal Mints, a cross of Animal Cookies and Thin Mint GSC. For the cookie fans that want an uplifting high, this one has a good rush of energy and happiness. There is a chill body feel after some time passes but nothing overwhelming. The aroma is interesting, sort of hard to pin point. Sour mint notes fill the lungs, with a sweet cookie dough exhale. While the flavor is great, the high is why we’re writing the review. Relaxing, giggly, and intense happiness. The effects are strongly felt; but in a comforting, care-free way, making Animal Mints a great hybrid to share with light and heavy smokers.

If you’ve tried any of the other strain varieties from Seed Junky Genetics such as Wedding Cake or Kush Mints, you already know he’s known for having some of the strongest body highs and lip smacking sweet flavors on the west coast. Take strong genetics from Seed Junky, local living soil by KIS Organics, and Gold Leafs decades of commitment to cannabis cultivation for a truly craft smoke.

*Limited Supply Available