When Nate (owner of Gold Leaf Gardens) told us Animal Sherbert was one of his new favorite strains to grow, we expected some great flavor and a long lasting high. Typical of their craft cannabis standards. What we received however, blew our expectations. When we hear others say smoking flower doesn’t have the same potency that it used to, Gold Leaf to the rescue! Decades of cultivation experience, small batch organic processes, and access to rare strain genetics result in some of the best weed in Washington state.

“I want that gassy smoke” a unique cannabis flavor that is strangely enough similar to petrol, is a common request at the shop. Fortunately for gas fans, Gold Leafs Animal Sherbert brings the heat! The flavor is great, don’t let the comparison to fuel scare you. It tastes slightly sweet with a musky, earthy side. It’s super easy on the throat, with sweet h Hints of the Sunset Sherbert come through at times but leans heavy on the Animal Cookie appearance and aroma. This round of Animal Sherbert is seriously intoxicating smoke. Probably qualifies as a one-hit-quitter, but the relaxing body and care-free effects leave us wanting more. A few hits later, the heady “oh damn I’m high” feeling settles in. Slightly loopy head rush makes the cannabis disclaimer “Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug” honestly true. Best shared with close friends and minimal responsibility afterwards!


APPEARANCE: Light purple covered with thick white resin and evergreen tree structure.

FLAVOR: Petrol and sweet berries.

EFFECTS: Strong relaxing effects, slightly loopy feel.

GROW MEDIUM: KIS Organic soil