Breathmints by Skord Strain Review

Breathmints from Skord Marijuana arrived recently and we’ve been loving it! A colorful cross of Mendo Breath and Sin Mint Cookies bred by Sin City seeds. This batch definitely leans on the Mendo Breath side and we’re not complaining! Completely inlaid with a deep purple and covered in almost iridescent trichomes that resemble the morning dew on a fresh cut lawn. Topped with beautiful tufts of burnt orange hairs. Dense, frosty, chunky.

It is a major creeper. You could finish a whole bowl and not feel much. Then like two minutes later….you will melt into wherever you’re sitting. Definitely great for movies, or reading. Very simple but elegant packaging. I really like that the lid shows the cross of the strains, and the breeder. Packaging does a good job of keeping the bud fresh. Overall, the bud is well trimmed, beefy, thick, vibrant with color, and sparkles. It breaks down to a beautiful puffy consistency. Very easy to roll or pack. It smells like cheese with a hint of mint. The high comes on slow but levels out to a full body high. And like mints, this bud will have you cooling off on the couch watching some funny comedy, or in a park reading your favorite comic.


breathmints skord packaging

*Limited Supply Available