Remember your first time? 

This Dogwalker OG from Gold Leaf Gardens brought us back to the first time getting high. Maybe it’s the sweet and skunky aroma that signified quality herb, or maybe its the giggly and care-free effects. Either way, the smoke certainly feels nostalgic! Like playing an old record, or re-watching The Simpsons, Dogwalker delivers memorable happiness that sticks around. In a market full of dessert flavored strains, it’s refreshing to get savory smoke that also packs a psychedelic punch. Novice smokers beware, this strain can bring some epiphany moments that might change your life.

Look at all that resin! 

Sticky icky flower is what Gold Leaf thrives at. If you look in the bottom right corner of the photo, you’ll see amber beads where the resin has grown so thick, it looks like a dab of oil hanging off the bud! This happens because Gold Leaf patiently allows their plants to fully mature, resulting in the fullest expression of the genetics. This is extremely important to those with high tolerances who want strong effects without having to consume a lot. Many of us at the shop rely on Gold Leafs flower and hash as a staple for reliable relief. Gold Leaf’s strict standards date back to their medical background. Consistently providing high potency, clean cannabis was the goal then, and remains the same today.


Lately it seems that everyone is growing and loving GMO, (Chem ’91 x Cookies) also known as Garlic Cookies. Don’t get it twisted, this is an excellent strain and worth trying if you enjoy heavy relief and savory flavors. However, if you want a good representation of Chem Dog, this Dogwalker OG is it!  It’s sweet yet funky, relaxing yet up-lifting. Really hard to pin point because the complex smoke brings out different flavors every time. Ranging from gassy to sweet veggies, this aroma is unique and memorable.

DOGWALKER OG GENETICS: Albert Walker OG x Chem ’91

APPEARANCE: Tight structure that looks like kernels stuck together. Chunky buds, very little stem.

FLAVOR: Strong musk, garlic spice with sweet veggies.

EFFECTS: Giggly and stoney with a relaxing body high.

GROW MEDIUM: KIS organic soil

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*Limited Supply Available