Dolato is slowly becoming a staple strain in Washington. When you can’t get enough of one strain or another, the thought of combining the two seems intriguing. Many of us make salad bowls to see how strains will play together; But what happens when you take it to the garden? Breeding a new strain is something that many attempt yet few stick around.

Dolato For Dessert

Dolato is a successful example of one that will probably be grown here for some time. Crossing two hype strains like Dosido and Gelato sets the bar high as both already have a reputation for checking all the boxes. Fortunately Royal Tree has cultivated a winner that we find gets more enjoyable each day.

Dolato is an interesting cross as some varieties sway more so on the Dosido or Gelato parent side, the one from Royal Tree seems to represent both strains well. Upon first opening the jar you get a sweet earthy, doughy smell from the Dosido followed by a berry musk undertone from the Gelato.

The taste is similar to the aroma with an added creaminess that compliments the berries and musk in a wonderful way. The dessert like flavor is addictively sweet and the strong lingering aftertaste makes you want more.

Only Happy Vibes

The high has some heady vibes from the Dosido but gets chilled out nicely by the Gelato. Really good for bumpin some records and lounging in long johns. Care free with a happy head this is your late night indica full of sweet gas greatness. Light tokes lead to mental relaxation while heavier use can get nice and stoney quick.

Royal Tree does a great job at producing cannabis that goes beyond good looks or high THC numbers. Everything we try from them is smooth and an enjoyable experience. They understand all the details needed to bring out the best expression from their unique selection.