Dolato Custard by Canna Organix

Dolato is a funky sweet cross of Dosido and Gelato 41. Canna Organix mixed light flower is great for hash oil that looks and taste like custard! Having the sweet tooth that I do, as soon as I heard a coworker mention the word “custard”, I had to take a gander. It reminded me of a delicious lemon curd that I wanted to take home and bake a pie with. I finally got a chance to try it and the name certainly matches its consistency– it’s wet and slightly gelatinous, sticking perfectly to the tool while helpfully maintaining its shape. As far as the taste, the only word that comes to mind is “juicy” in the same way that an IPA might be, with slight notes of peach. The high is very relaxing, bringing any racing thoughts to a halt and easing my aches and pains. It’s almost like the soothing feeling of floating in water or taking a bubble bath.

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*limited supply available, please call ahead or order online