Donkey Butter is a powerfully relaxing strain bred by Exotic Genetix that proves if you have great cannabis, you can name it whatever you want! Goofy name aside, this cross of Grease Monkey x Triple OG is becoming a favorite of ours lately. When we get a fresh delivery from Mother Earth Farms, this Donkey Butter just continues to get better. The amount of frosty and stink coming from the bags is hard to match. It’s aroma smells like sweet vanilla mixed with that classic OG Kush gassy musk. Steer clear if you don’t like stinky weed, this one’s hard to hide! If a little weed aroma doesn’t offend you, Donkey Butter is known to provide strong feelings of happiness, hunger, and relief. This is one of those rare strains people rely on daily for consistent and potent effects.


Donkey Butter is great in both flower and hash forms. Known for it’s delicious flavor, you can really smell and taste the essence of the strain in the extracts. The crazy part is the flower already tests higher in terpene content at 3% than some concentrates we see out there! While we don’t believe numbers are the tell all to buying quality cannabis, it’s impressive to see companies continue to improve their raw flower. Pictured above is some Donkey Butter live resin processed by Fire Bros. During the extraction, Fire Bros said the lab smelled insane. The smell is so strong it almost stings the nostrils. These guys work with a lot of quality flower so for them to get hyped is pretty rare.

While some might say the packaging isn’t the most functional, it’s what inside that makes up for it. The product is good and packaging is an afterthought for great growers. Donkey Butter can be a great strain for afterwork when you want to chill out with a big smile for the night. Watching tv or listening to music just seem better after a few puffs. We love that this strain doesn’t make us sleepy but super relaxed feeling. Snuggle up and treat yourself to a day off.

*Limited Supply Available at Both Seattle Locations