Dosido: A heady cookie unlike most

Dosido is one of our favorite daytime cookies. A unique cross of OGKB x Face Off OG, bred by Archive Genetics in Portland, this isn’t a typical girl scout cookie cross. The name comes from the peanut butter like flavor similar to Do-Si-Do girl scout cookies but the square dance is fine too! OGKB (OG Kush Breath) is one of the earliest and most potent cookie genetics. So early, it’s name came before cookies was a known strain. While OGKB has great cookie flavor and potency, it’s low yield and has a thin nug structure.

The Birth of Dosido

This is where the birth of Dosido begins! Archive decides to cross an OGKB female with their Face Off OG male known for its quick yields and strong head high. The pairing of the wonderful cookie flavor from the OGKB with the strong Face Off OG, allows Dosido to be grown on a commercial scale both indoors and out! This awesome batch of Dosido was grown by Gold Leaf Gardens in Lacey, WA, in organic living soil under high pressure sodium and LED light sources. We love their flower, always grown to full maturity and always carefully hand trimmed.

The flower is grown in perfectly round buds with little stems and long, wispy stigmas. Looks like it’s from an issue of high times. Dense, frosty, eye-catching, fresh flower. Sweet cookie like flavor that lingers in the mouth when the bowl is finished. Earthy and sweet. Perfect, hypnotic body high. Gave me a wave of relief and helped me sleep. Gold Leaf’s jars look the fanciest. Really adds to the luxury of the product. Overall this Dosido is perfect for any cookie fan that cares about quality of high and flavor. But, of course, everything Gold Leaf grows is perfection!

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*Limited Supply Available