Ghost OG is a cutting of Josh D’s original OG Kush that has been growing in the pacific northwest region for decades. If you want to try the original kush first, read the OG Kush Story review here! Because the original began growing in much warmer, dry climates, the plant’s characteristics changed overtime even though it’s original DNA hadn’t been altered or crossed. This OG took on the name of its grower ‘Ghost’ and the changes (known as epigenetic in biology) is a more euphoric and citrus expression than that of the original OG Kush.

The wild part is Josh D and Ghost met for the first time only a few years ago. Now Josh is growing Ghost OG under his self branded ‘Josh D’ line in California. What an amazing feeling to share what you’ve been growing for 20+ years with the person who helped start it all. That’s what the cannabis community is about. Sharing and growing together, there’s always been demand for great cannabis!

Kush Family is Home to the Ghost OG

We love supporting owners that actually grow and enjoy the cannabis they sell. When the owner is also a breeder and has unique strain offerings, it’s even better! We love this Ghost OG for it’s musky citrus flavor and strong stone behind the eyes. Very relaxing while at the same time giggly and euphoric. It’s honestly an ideal high for anytime of the day. Doesn’t weigh you down and but makes sure you feel it’s presence.

Pictured above is Kush Family’s Ghost OG cured resin. Many processors are extracting live resin but for those that want a flavor and effect similar to smoking a big bowl, cured resin is the move! The hash oil looks darker so people often sleep on it, this is only because the buds used in the extracting have been oxidizing during the curing phase. It’s got that darker amber appearance filled with small THCA crystalline, rather than a nasty black oil made from shake or purged too hot. It’s the perfect blend between sugar and sauce. The Kush Family is just getting started in the 21+ Washington market. They’ve just recently expanded and hired a trim crew to start jarring up flower as well as making some of the best extracts in the state.


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