Hamma Hamma is a cross of two desirable strains 9 Pound Hammer x Platinum Alien OG. The two cultivars come together in a way that expresses the best traits from each parent. We love 9 Pound Hammer for its quick body melting high and musky grape flavor. The calming high is very noticeable both physically and mentally. Alien OG is a rare kush variety that provides lots of happy uplifting vibes. Pacific NW Roots uses Alien OG in many breeding projects for this reason. Really great perspective and reflection type of smoke. Mind feels very zen and at peace.

Hamma Hamma has the 9 Pound Hammer body buzz but adds in the Alien OG keeping the high happy and functional. The feeling is really kind and empathetic. Make the world a better place kind of feeling. Wish anyone going through hard times could try this special herb. Hamma Hamma is a great reminder that even with all the chaos surrounding us, love is still possible.

If the high isn’t beautiful enough, this soil grown flower produces a complex flavor profile that is worth noting. When you first pop open the jar it’s mostly a musky, earthy, and warm epoxy glue smell. Very reminiscent of both the strain and sticky stuff at home depot called Gorilla Glue. After breaking down the tight flower buds, a grape aroma with woody notes like a cabernet hits the nose. Both of these scents translate to the taste in unexpected ways. Sometimes it’s a mouthful of sweet grapes, sometimes a musky earth. Both equally enjoyable and the clean aftertaste leaves you wanting another hit.

It’s honestly not easy to describe why we love Pacific NW Roots flower because the experience is whats most important. The Roots Crew breeds cannabis strains here in Washington which continue to sell around the world today. We are very thankful that we carry products from local cannabis pioneers. Nothing but love from this farm.