Hidden Pastry is like that sweet doughy treat you had one time in a small town but forgot the name. Hard to find, but totally worth the search. This tasty cross of Secret Cookies x Kush Mints bred by California based Seed Junky Genetics, has us feeling chill and happy. The buds are smaller, yet sticky trichome heads still cover the green leaf.  Skord is consistently bringing us new frosty strains thats look so good it’s almost sad grinding it all up. Sugary and sweet flavor are most prominent with a subtle aftertaste of mint and musk. Hidden Pastry is a good strain for those that enjoy a balanced hybrid smoke. Not too heady, not too lazy. Definitely has strength, but in a relaxing way, rather than trippin out hard. Pairs well with social activities or solo day trip outings. Basically anything outside that’s not overly strenuous. Not thinking about working out after smoking this one.  An ideal strain for many activities, Hidden Pastry is enjoyable to smoke with a smooth finish and good cure. The flower breaks down into a nice fluffy consistency making the burn even in a joint or bowl.

*Side note, there are two phenos of the hidden pastry to try. The original and jammed filled. There’s some debate over which is the favorite so if you end up trying both, let us know!