I said, BRR! It’s cold in here! It must be this ice-capped, sticky-sweet offering from our friends at Gold Leaf Gardens! Pretty much every strain on the market today is a hybrid of some sort. We find that a lot of hybrids that don’t particularly favor Indica or Sativa tend to fall into two categories. There are the hybrids that are gentler, balanced, the most intense effects of their parent strains mitigated by crossing them. Think: Cookies n’ Cream, 24k, Marmalade, White Widow. And then, there are the hybrids that have the most potent effects of both of their parent strains in one wild package: heady, but heavy; stoney, but buzzy; creative, but spacey. These don’t come around anywhere near as often, but when they do, it’s a good day at the shop.

Bred by Compound Genetics and Grown with Aloha by Gold Leaf Gardens

Icicles is a cross of White Sherbet and Jet Fuel Gelato. If you’re wondering which of the above categories this hybrid falls into, let’s just say you shouldn’t pick this one up if you’re looking for a gentle flurry of effects. Its plum-hued peaks and light green ridges, blanketed in a layer of ivory that sparkles in the sunlight gives even the most discerning cannasseur goosebumps. But don’t forget: this natural wonder is also prone to smacking you right in the noggin, quickly and out of nowhere. Icicles hits you with a potent headshot right off the bat. First with its saccharine, intoxicating aroma of grape cough syrup and diesel, then with its instantaneous, face-melting, highly psychoactive payoff after you take that first sweet hit. Break it down, and its tacky trichomes stick to your fingers like a tongue to a freezing cold flagpole.

The high is an interesting yet pleasant juxtaposition, as it leaves you with potent, almost dizzying cerebral sensations and a sense of inspiration. At the same time, totally chill and frozen to your spot on the couch. Its duality makes it a solid choice for any time, but, weather advisory: smoking too much of this in the morning may mean you have to give yourself a snow day.

Happy Plants, Consistent Highs

Some of you may already know the cold truth here, but let’s not just skate past it: the Gold Leaf Gardens name is synonymous with high-quality cannabis. Grown indoors in soil fortified with Keep-It-Simple organic nutrients, this pesticide-free, beautifully cured flower certainly upholds that reputation. Their meticulous growing standards are apparent, not just in the exemplary look and full-bodied flavor of this flower, but also in the glacial speed at which its effects melt away. Winter in July? Yeah, we’re down. Come pick up some Icicles at any of our locations and beat the summer heat!