Whenever we have this strain on our shelves, our Limonene Kings and Queens come from distant kingdoms to secure their share of this beauty. It’s sativa lemon skunk effects wake you up while the G13 indica parent provides a mellow body feel. The Lemon Skunk parent is uncertain, but it definitely tastes similar. This delicious strain began in Ohio and the aroma is undeniably strong, with a tart citrus finish. We often get smacked with a big smile on our face and a care-free feeling after smoking some. Sunshine in a bag is the perfect definition. Dark and gloomy days quickly become filled with joy and motivation.


Aurum Farms captures the best aspects of lemon all into one special plant. Opening a fresh jar is a special moment because you get smacked in the face with a powerhouse lemon profile. The lemon sweetness overrides the funk normally associated with dank weed. Your roommates will think you have busted out the lemon cleaner when they smell you grinding this bud up. The smell is notorious for lingering in the grinder and giving your next toke a subtle lemon flavor. Don’t be fooled by the hybrid label because this lady will make you feel jazzed. A morning wake and bake gets the mind in a pleasant place to take on the day. Trying to beat the seasonal blues that plague the Pacific Northwest? This weed got us feeling right.


Writer’s block never occurred writing up this strain review. Everything from the appearance, aroma, flavor, and high are an enjoyable experience. Some of the stinky nugs we received this batch weighed close to 7grams. No popcorn buds here! Aurum is easily one of our favorite growers in Washington. We love their organic, soil-grown flower. A reliable smooth smoke that sells out fast every harvest! If you want to meet some of the faces behind this amazing flower, come to our Ballard location Friday November 8th for a meet and greet! More information on the event here