WARNING: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF MOOCHING ROOMMATES. Poisoned Zkittlez may cause intense giggles and induce creativity. For best results, avoid contact with dirty bongs.

When it comes to cannabis flavor profiles, we all have our preferences. Maybe you’re an adventurous smoker who jumps on any hot new strain with a unique flavor. Maybe you want something nice, light, easy to smoke on. Or maybe you like to kick it old school and prefer those skunky, funky, nostalgic strains. The beauty of recreational weed? There’s something for you, no matter what category you fall into.

So, what’s your poison?

If you have even a little bit of sweet tooth, your new answer to that question will be a resounding

“Poisoned Zkittlez!”

Grown near the Canadian border by Sub-X, the noxious, sticky-sweet fumes emanating from this cross of Orange Poison and Zkittlez are enough to make even the most discerning of Cannabis enthusiasts keel over. With a tart citrus-y punch on the inhale followed by lip-smackin’-good grape notes on the exhale, this sativa-dominant darling is akin to smoking a sour gummi worm, and breaks down as fluffy as cotton candy.

Without a doubt, this poison goes down smooth. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective.

Got a pesky case of writer’s block or the Mondays that you wish you could exterminate? Poisoned Zkittlez is the fast-acting answer you’re looking for. Its initial intense onset of spaciness and silliness alone may be enough to kill off your inner grouch. But on the off chance that it isn’t, this strain doubles down! Before too long, Poisoned Zkittlez’ cerebral and contemplative effects creep up and deliver the critical hit, lulling you into a state of euphoric, creative repose. Handle with care, as it can be extremely deadly to that stack of unfinished projects gathering dust on your desk.

You may have said this was the year you were cutting all the “toxic” out of your life, but trust us: Poisoned Zkittlez is worth making an exception for. Very limited quantity, best bet to snag some is at our Fremont location or check our menus!