Sunset Sherbert by Aurum Farms

Sunset Sherbert from Aurum Farms is back and this round is definitely worth trying. It still has the sweet musky aroma, but slightly less creamy as the earthy cookie traits come through this time. Much more dense, coated in resin, and packs a punch unlike many others we’ve had so far. Relaxing without being heavy, this Sunset Sherbert is a solid daytime choice. Aurum Farms really nailed this batch, especially on the effects. Feelings of happiness and relief shower the mind shortly after exhale. With light use the high feels confident and social, great for meeting new people or getting things done. Beware though, the delicious Sherb flavor is hard to resist and things can get silly stoney quick!

Unplanned love births iconic strain

Some of the best things happen unexpectedly. Beginning with Sherbinski out of the bay area, Sunset Sherbert gets it’s name from being grown in the Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco and it’s ridiculous dessert like flavor. Surprisingly enough though, the strain we love today all started by accident. Apparently, Sherbinkski brought a Pink Panties ((Burmese Thai x Kush Berry) x (OG Kush)) plant into a room full of thin mint cookies. After a weekend getaway, Jigga from the Cookie Fam, and Sherbinksi came back to powder on every plant. The Pink Panties ended up being a male plant and pollenating the girl scout cookie females. This happy accident fortunately resulted in some of the most sought out after genetics in the world today.

Sunset Sherbert x Thin Mint Cookies = Gelato

After demand for Sherb started taking off, the Cookie Family knew it was time to make future crosses. Since their happy accident worked out so well the first time, why not cross the result with another cookie male and see what happens! The result is Gelato, similar sweet terpene profile with more of a heavy, couch lock feel. If you love Sunset Sherbert, consider trying Gelato after work or when you’ve got time to chill. We try to keep both strains on the shelves as they’re such a great pair and favorites for many.


*Limited Supply Available