Tropicana Cookies tasting like orange juice! If you’ve been missing the classic Tangie or other orange flavored strains, Tropicana Cookies from Aurum Farms is a blessing! A Tangie cross by Oni Noodles that’s taking off across cannabis connoisseurs. A memorable strong orange scent, with delicious juicy flavor, even the most skeptical smokers can’t deny! Combine the potent aroma of tangie with Forum Cookies, one of the most desired Girl Scout Cookie’s cuts and you have Tropicana Cookies!

The vibe is definitely happy and smiley. However, keep smoking and you’ll find the high starts to get more stoney as the cookie effects overpower the tangie uplift. Great morning buzz but also mid day or an after work pick up. Try some and feel the motivation suddenly encouraging you to do something different, let loose, be weird, learn a dance move, wear a new hat. Whatever you’re up to, expect a big grin to accompany your relaxed high.


Heavy tokers and social smokers unite! Tropicana Cookies is one of those strain enjoyed by most. Not overly intense, but, far from a boring high. Bust out a joint of this next time you’re out with some friends. No friends with you? Put this in the air and you might make some! We like to pass this delicious joint anonymously, therefore whoever hits it gets surprised with the intense flavor. ‘Damn! What is this?!’ comes shortly after the exhale.

Aurum Farms brings clean cannabis you can trust. Starting of with a living soil mix from KIS (Keep-It-Simple) Organics, the plants only need water and light to grow well. Aurum takes sustainability even further by having their own worm farm! Hungry worms eat plant waste and turn it into some of the best fertilizer possible. This helps the lifespan of the soil, allowing it to be re-used over and over each harvest. Therefore, less waste produced and more effort spent on finding the best strains to grow!

*Limited Supply Available