Vanilla Gorilla (Grease Monkey x Cookies N’ Cream) bred by Exotic Genetics and grown by Skord.  The company has kept the SHÖ (solventless hash oil) going strong since @edweedscissorhands took over the labor intensive role. Without knowing, many would probably think this is some BHO extract. Nope, no gas used here. Just ice water, heat, and tons of pressure. This Vanilla Gorilla hash rosin has a bold sweet vanilla flavor with a slight earthy twist. The texture is like whipped butter, easy to scoop with a cookie dough appearance. The effects are slightly more invigorating. A creeping high that feels happy and confident as the smoke clears. Rejuvenating without causing too much buzziness, it’s the perfect uplifting high.


*Limited Supply Available at Both Seattle Locations