Zkittlemints from Skord Marijuana arrived recently and as soon as we opened the box, a strong pepper and musky aroma came oozing out the jars of flower. “Woah, that’s stanky!” said everyone in close proximity. Usually a good sign when you can smell the weed before it’s even cracked open. If you’ve been let down by “Loud” cannabis in the past, just smell the lid of this jar, the aroma can’t be contained! The intense aroma and sticky frosted bud brings strong excitement which can be intoxicating in itself.

Also known as Sin Mintz by Sin City Seeds, Zkittlemints is a cross of Zkittlez and Sin Mint Cookies. The combination is an interesting hybrid type of experience. You get a good uplift and fruity flavor from the Zkittlez, however, the Sin Mint is the star of the smoke. The aroma and high definitely lean on the stoney cookie side. If you’ve ever tried Forum Cookies or Blue Power, (the two parents that make Sin Mint Cookies), the effects are very similar. Relaxing effects calm the body and mind while a slight head buzz keeps things fun and engaging.