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Pax Era Pods are quickly becoming many peoples favorite style of cannabis vape cartridge. More and more cannabis growers are turning their extracts into pre-filed Pax Pods. Not only are the pods discrete and easy to use, but Pax went even further to make an app that connects to the battery via bluetooth. You can adjust your heat settings to the exact temperature you prefer. 

Currently we carry four brands that produce extracts for Pax Era Pods. Avitas, Buddies Brand, Dabstract, and Heylo Cannabis. each of these companies have slightly different extraction methods and cannabis strains offered. Avitas and Heylo Cannabis use CO2 extracted oil in their pods. Buddies and Dabstract focus on distillate and BHO live resin extracts. There isn’t a right or wrong but more of a preference. Some people enjoy live resin cartridges as the flower used in the extract is frozen immediately after harvest and usually has a great flavor profile. Those that enjoy CO2 extracts are typically getting flower that has been cured and then extracted. The flavor and high is more similar to smoking the dried flower.