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Journeyman Jellies in Seattle

vegan jellies handcrafted by Botanica

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If edibles are a part of your weed routine, then you’re probably well aware: the good edibles aren’t cheap, and the cheap ones….well, let’s just say they’re often on the “gastronomically-challenged” side.

You can either go the inexpensive route, complete with “made in a lab” flavor and heaps of red dye #40, or you can shell out more for something with high-quality ingredients. But is there anything in-between ?

Actually, yes. Enter: Journeyman Fruit Jellies. 

Journeyman real fruit Apple Jellies


Real Relaxation, Real Fun, Real Fruit Inside!

Made by their parent company Botanica in Seattle, WA, Journeyman Fruit Jellies are the real deal. 

It all starts with high-quality, pesticide-free extract sourced from Heylo Cannabis, an acclaimed concentrate company and Botanica’s next-door neighbor. Keeping it close to home means better quality control, better vetting of base material, and lower prices for you. 

Then comes the fruit- that’s right, real fruit! The jellies are made with all-natural ingredients from start to finish. No synthetic dyes, no artificial flavoring, no long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce… just “the good stuff”!

Journeyman uses all natural ingredients, but a quick peruse of the nutrition label reveals one ingredient they skip: gelatin. Instead of limiting the enjoyment of their treats to folks who eat animal products, our friends at Journeyman keep their recipe 100% plant-based.   

After all, what’s the fun in taking edibles if your vegan friend has to miss out?

And speaking of dietary restrictions, Journeyman Fruit Jellies are 100% gluten free! As a matter of fact, everything produced in Botanica’s facility is gluten-free. Even those with the most extreme sensitivities can indulge in these sweet treats freely!

A Variety For Every Vibe

 No matter what your desired effects are, Journeyman has and edible for you! Available in convenient packs of 10 jellies, their three formulas were chosen to cover a spectrum of uses. 

Variety Pack Sour Jellies from Journeyman Seattle

10mg THC per serving

The classic formula! Journeyman’s 10mg THC fruit jellies come in 100mg THC packs of Sour, Berry, or Tropical flavors. Most people opt for these. If you’re just looking to unwind, good, old-fashioned 10mg THC will get you where you wanna go. 

Variety Pack Sour CBD Jellies from Journeyman Seattle

10mg THC and 10mg CBD per serving, or 1:1

Also available in Sour, Berry, or Tropical, the 1:1 Fruit Jellies feature 100mg THC and CBD per pack of 10 jellies. These will still get you high in the traditional sense of the word, because of their full dose of 10mg THC. but if you’re looking for something to help with tossing and turning at night or pain relief, these are the way to go. The high is typically less intense and more physical with this variety. 

Variety Pack Sour CBD Jellies from Journeyman Seattle

1mg THC and 30mg CBD per serving, or 30:1

The most clearheaded variety of Fruit Jellies. These also come in 10 packs of Sour, Berry and Tropical, but unlike the other two formulas, these are subtle in effect, with a very low amount of THC. The 30:1 jellies don’t have a high per se, but they’re the go-to for those seeking intense relief. Their virtually non-psychoactive nature makes them a great pick for the work day or those with THC sensitivities.


So, what are you waiting for? Journey on down to your nearest Lux, SNAG some Jellies and experience the radical power of real fruit inside!