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Major THC-infused Beverages in Seattle

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Your Cannabis Experience Just Got More Refreshing

Who doesn’t love a handy-dandy cheat code?

Sure, in a world where we all had unlimited patience and time to kill, we wouldn’t need them. Let’s be realistic, though: it’s human nature to take a shortcut if we have one. Good luck finding a Sims fanatic who hasn’t used “motherlode” to make their Sims fabulously wealthy. And what self-respecting gaming enthusiast doesn’t know the Konami Code by heart?

What most people don’t know is that when it comes to ingesting cannabis, your digestive system has a cheat code of its own: Major cannabis beverages.

They go down smooth, sure, but the onset of their effects? Even smoother- and speedy to boot.

No long-delayed gratification here. Just grab a 100mg THC Major, drink it, and kiss your troubles goodbye.

A Major Development in Cannabis Drinks by Sorse Technology

There’s been a huge amount of growth in cannabis drinks as of late. So the question has to be asked: what sets a Major apart from another infused beverage?

The answer is a simple one. Major’s magic potion lies in…well…its magic potion. It’s infused with a proprietary water-soluble micro-emulsion created by the leading innovators at Sorse Technology.

Other beverages rely on an oil-based infusion material to give them their oomph. Since drinks are, by definition, water-based, it doesn’t take a chemist to see why this would be less than ideal. Cue inaccurate dosing and infusions that settle at the bottom of the drink.

Thanks largely to their water-soluble infusion material, Major offers an alternative solution to edibles that are a cut above the others. With near-perfect dosing and zero settling, these drinks are steady to the last swig.

Amazing Flavors: Passion Fruit, Blue Raspberry, Sacred Grape, and More

Now that we’ve given a shoutout to one important component of Major drinks, let’s give the other their due respect: the varieties of delicious flavors packed into each small bottle.

Their Volcanic Orange Mango is an eruption of citrus and tropical tastiness. Also, pro tip: it’s the perfect THC-infused dupe for a Mai Tai!

Speaking of tropical tastiness: who could forget about Major Dreamin of Passion Fruit?

The classic flavor of their Pink Lemonade is sure to take you back to your summer lemonade stand days…with a grown-up twist.

And if the thought of jolly-rancher-in-a-bottle makes your mouth water, then you needn’t look further than Major Sacred Grape or Blue Raspberry.

All the Cannabis Fun. None of the Cannabis Taste.

Another quality that sets Major apart from other cannabis beverages on the scene? Actually, it’s not so much a quality as it is a lack of one: skunky, weedy flavor.

To use an analogy, if other infused drinks with 100mg THC were spirits, they’d be Everclear. Sure, they’re strong….but the flavor is hard to ride out.

On the flip side, if Major’s drinks were a spirit, they would be a high-end Anejo tequila. They still pack a punch, but you can savor each sip.

In fact, the THC infusion is so undetectable that we should add a disclaimer here: weed newbies, start slow! Drink a little bit, and wait to see how you feel before drinking more.

Of course, Major’s drinks have what might be the fastest onset of any cannabis ingestible, so you won’t be waiting long.

Major Offers a Consistent High…Sip After Sip

If you’re looking for a THC fruit beverage that asks little of you besides enjoying it, Major is the drink for you! Actually, scratch that….if you’re looking for ANY way to consume THC, Major is your best bet.

Discreet format? Check.

Consistent effects? Unmatched.

Palatability? Unparalleled.

And what about their efficiency? Firing on all cylinders, we can assure you.

What are you waiting for? It’s high time you discovered a whole new way to consume cannabinoids. Your mind and body will thank you.

So pick up a Major, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

We’re proud to carry Major, one of the best cannabis beverages in Washington State!


Pick up a bottle at a Lux near you and see why they’re loved in the cannabis industry and beyond.