Gaswerx is a cross of two classic Kush cultivars, OG Kush and OGKB. The bud itself is really dense, large, really well trimmed, and well cured. It has contrasting dark, and light green color, with light orange hairs peppered over it. The bud structure is definitely unique. Very chunky buds with little to no stem makes Gaswerx perfect for rolling or smoking in a bowl, and has a really nice sizzle when it’s lit. The taste just immediately had us screaming KOOOSH! The earthy, gassy with a hint of citrus flavor really comes through from the OG. The smell is similar to the taste, but with a bit more gas.


The high is a really nice uplifting yet relaxing high. It is euphoric, social, and has a fun happy vibe to it. The effects are definitely powerful, but still functional so you can go about your day. Confidence and excitement are common while performing tasks that others find mundane. A good OG can turn the most basic day into one full of enjoyment and surprises. Feelings of couch lock were only noticed in heavier doses towards the end of the day.

One of our new favorites from the Gold Leaf Garden. The jar kept the bud really fresh after cracking open the seal. A nice greasy stoney strain, that we look forward to smoking plenty more of. Usually we’re a big fan of their White Tahoe Cookies or GG4, but this one is absolute heat and will be hard not to keep in the stash. Really love the high, the taste, and the looks of this stain. Since we’ve first opened our doors, Gold leaf has remained a shop favorite. Still grown with aloha, you can feel it.