Gorilla Cake hash rosin! Grown by Gold Leaf Gardens, processed by Polar Icetracts in Lacey, WA. This hash is a blend of two of the most popular strains around. A beautiful combination of Gorilla Glue #4 (which we did a flower review on last week here) and Wedding Cake, this concentrate is intended to melt your worries and relax the body. Only one solvent is used to extract this oil, ice cold water. No butane, propane, or ethanol refinement ever comes in contact with the resin collected. Heat and tons of pressure squish or ‘juice’ the resin to remove plant matter, and leave minimal residue after the dab.

Every gram of rosin is finished off with the Polar Icetracts logo stamped into the gold coin. This not only looks awesome, but provides a way to measure your dab size like a pizza pie. You get six slices, some bigger than others, but each section is close to 0.2 grams. Dialing in the perfect dab is easy with a wet clay consistency and tend to last longer than a saucy gram. This could be because sauce is so easy to scoop up. However, we think Gold Leaf’s potent flower means less hash is needed to feel the effects.


We get some people who buy cheaper dabs typically $20 and under, yet some say they go through a gram a day! Nothing wrong with this, but we recommend giving hash rosin a try as it’s a concentrate made from hash, rather than flower/shake. For high tolerance users, we’ve found this to be one of the most cost effective way to dab. With concentrates especially, you get what you pay for. The starting material used is much more important than the final appearance of the concentrate. Hay/Shake can get refined into a golden color but have minimal effects/flavor.

High end flower equals high end dabs. Strong complex flavor, smooth toke, and clean effects should always be expected. Polar Icetracts always starts with Gold Leaf’s clean green certified flower that you would see for sale in stores. It’s really exciting to have a jar of their GG4 and Wedding Cake then try the two blended together in hash. Smoke them side by side for a fantastic full spectrum high. The flower tends to be more stoney while the hash is more thought provoking and relaxing. The flavor definitely leans glue-diesel heavy with a hint of sweetness from the cake. Nailed it with the name! The combo is strong but not overwhelming. Like a fleece blanket, warm and comforting feel all around. Perfect for lounging around on these grey days ahead of us.


This Gorilla Cake is definitely an indica dominant type of smoke. However, there’s a thought provoking quality that keeps the head upbeat and less sedative than many Indica strains. We’ve found the dab temps can also have an influence on the effects with this hybrid. Lower heat dabs provide lighter thought provoking qualities. If you want to feel more couch locked, take the dab when you normally would or slightly hotter. We love the versatility of this blend. A great post work dab, one low temp for the head, one high temp for your bed.

*Limited Supply Available