By this point we’ve tried a lot of ‘cookies’ Washington has to offer. Lots of new crosses and flavors coming out recently but the earlier varieties from the girl scout lineup are the truth. The Thin Mint, Dosido, and TJ’s Samoa Cookies are ones we hope stay in rotation for a long time. Bred by Archive Genetics around 2015, Samoas is a cross of Forum Cookies x Face Off OG has a unique and versatile high.

With a gradual creeping effect that makes you just want to keep on smokin, this cookie just hits different. Not too heady, not too heavy. A good balanced float to keep you relaxed and giggly throughout the day. The buds have an incredible cure which lends to a smooth hit with a robust earthy cookie like aftertaste. Similar taste to a good Forum cookie with additional notes of musky fruit from the Face Off OG parent.


With all the stressful energy in the air right now it’s easy to submit to the sadness surrounding. But sometimes you just gotta get up and say enough! Grind up this lovely organic soil herb and breathe. Give thanks and appreciate the little things like fuzzy socks and newborn orcas. Samoa Cookies euphoric vibe keeps the mind set on the good. Turns a frustrating situation into a problem solving challenge with the motivation needed to calmly succeed. With all this greatness said, everyone has their own experience and you should try it on your brain to compare effects.

We can’t say enough about all of TJ’s Organics flower lately. While most chase the next new hype strain, TJ’s consistently grows the classics very well. Nice to enjoy something and then years later experience the same love you felt before. We think TJ’s no-till soil garden continues to improve every harvest!