6 Ways Cannabis Can Spice Up Your Sex Life This Valentine’s Day

For the first time in years Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday. That means there’s no excuse to skip a night full of passion with your partner, or partners. Whether it’s the first V-Day you’re spending with your sweetie or the 50th, or a night that you’re planning to explore your deepest desires with someone new, Lux Pot Shop has the products to set the mood and keep the good vibes going.

Cherry Margarita Fire Bros

Break The Ice

Tim and Vivienne had always wanted to explore the swinger’s scene, but an excuse always got in the way of actually attending an event. But as Valentine’s Day 2020 drew nearer, they realized this was the first year where they were responsibility free the morning after. They decided to take the leap and RSVP’d to one of the more popular parties in the area, but quickly realized they still had a lot of nerves around the whole concept. Budtenders at the Ballard Lux Pot Shop location recommended they try the Cherry Margarita Live Resin Ricks from Fire Bros. A descendant of the Black Cherry Soda strain, known for it’s arousing properties and lovely body calming high, a quick dab will mellow their nerves and set the tone for how their desires would play out. This version of a margarita on the rocks pairs perfectly with their night of exploration, without any of the hangover.

happy apple cider

Break Down Inhibitions

Rachel and Marcus had been together for years, but only recently had Rachel disclosed that one of her wildest fantasies was to bring another man into their partnership. Marcus, being the open-minded man that he was, didn’t protest and decided there was no better day to explore polyamory than February 14th. John was invited to join, to make the couple a thruple, and sparks immediately flew between the threesome. Too make the night even more exciting, John wanted to bring something over to share that would liven the mood, but still keep everyone comfortable. Our budtenders suggested a 30mg 1:1 CBD to THC Happy Apple. As one of the fastest acting edibles around, taking just 20 minutes to set in, and with it’s anxiety and tension relieving properties, this delicious juice makes for a the perfect accouterment for anyone exploring a new way of sexual wellbeing.

Washington Bud Co. Pink Champagne Joints

Get Wild In Nature

Regina and Jamal are celebrating their 4th Valentines, and Jamal had really put the work in the previous three years. So this year Regina wanted to plan an especially romantic surprise getaway. Traditionally, they’d always done the restaurant thing and immediately headed home to celebrate in bed. This year, she wanted to do that outside, under the stars. We set her up with Pink Champagne pre-rolled joints from Washington Bud Co. that could be easily shared between two people in a sleeping bag. These perfect doobies give off a relaxing and happy high, without any sleep side effects. The bonus feature being the tantalizing cherry hops flavor, reminiscent of real bubbles — perfect for celebrating with your boo.

Verdelux Raspberry Dark Chocolate

Re-Spark The Flame

Michael and George are approaching their 25th anniversary after meeting at Neighbor’s on Capitol Hill on Valentine’s Day in 1995. They’ve always had a taste for the finer things in life and love to indulge on a fancy night out. But George remembered that last year they indulged too much in cocktails and were both asleep hours ahead of their normal bedtime. George was not going to let that happen again this year, especially for such a big anniversary. We recommended the raspberry bon-bombs from Verdelux. A luxuriously tasty chocolate that will pack a substantial psychoactive punch, allowing them both to go further into their desires and experience each other on a deeper, exciting level.

Honu Bath Bomb

Sink Into Each Other’s Desire

Marcia and Stacy are madly in love and have been for over two decades, but with three kids and both Moms working fulltime jobs, finding the time for each other has been a challenge lately. So Marcia took the initiative to send the kids away for the weekend so Mommy’s could play. Marcia had everything planned and wanted to start the night with a bottle of red wine she’d saved since their wedding, in the bathtub. Our Lux Pot Shop staff in Lake City recommended she pair it with the Hibiscus scented Honu Bath Bomb for extreme relaxation and increased sensitivity to touch. The ideal pregame for a long night in the bedroom, without interruption.

Green Revolution CBD Fast Tabs

Get Straight To It

Mark and Angela have only been dating a short time and decided they wanted to make the most out of their day by staying in for a cozy night on the couch. They work long hours at Amazon and rarely get the time to dive fully into each other’s sexual needs. We suggested they bring home Green Revolution Fast Acting Tabs, which calm the nerves, wipe away the residual stress from a long work day. They’re a quick onset will allow the rest of their concern to melt away, leaving them care-free and able to quickly find pleasure in one another.

All products are available at any of our Lux Pot Shop locations. Swing by to let us help you spice things up with your sweetheart.