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Cannabis Innovations: New Products To Try In 2020

As legalization surrounding cannabis continues to progress, so do the wide range of products offered. Theres so many different things out there we don’t even have the time to try everything. With that said, we work hard to source the best cannabis products in Washington.  Being consumers ourselves, we’re always excited to see cannabis innovations in the rapidly growing market.


Leira Cannagar

Pre-Roll Cannabis Innovations: Leira Cannagars 

Cannagars aren’t new to the market. They’ve been around long before legal cannabis. With that said, the scarcity of them has made it difficult to snag one. How many people know someone hand rolling cigars in cannabis leaf? Thank goodness companies like Leira can develop and share their skills to the public. These are truly handcrafted, each cannagar takes six weeks to properly roll and cure. It’s what’s inside the cannagar that really counts though. Sourcing cannabis from award winning Gold Leaf Gardens ensures that the smoke is only the highest quality. Leira is the first and only company to consistently produce hand-rolled cannagars and cannarillos in Washington for over three years now. Going into the new year, we look forward to their continued growth and memorable smoke. Show up with a Leira and feel the love.




Edible Cannabis Innovations: Fairwinds FECO. Full. Extract. Cannabis. Oil. 

Most people know about RSO. Technically an ethanol extract, Rick Simpson was so passionate about sharing this beneficial oil with others that it took on the name Rick Simpson Oil. Since his pursuit to spread cannabis oil in the early 2000’s, a lot more science and research has been conducted on the specific types and effects of cannabis. Fairwinds is an example of a company that is pushing cannabis extracts by incorporating “clinical terpenes” in their oil. These terpenes are present in the cannabis fairwinds grows and have clinical studies on their beneficial effects. The clinical terpenes are added to their full extract cannabis oil to improve its effects. Instead of using strain names or indica | sativa classifications, they’ve designed three ratios. High CBD 10:1, high THC 10:1, and an equal 1:1 ratio. We find each ratio to be helpful for various reasons.

While the 1:1 might be our favorite for relaxing body effects, a 10:1 ratio could be the key to a stress-filled day. This is easily one of the best values for those looking for edibles over 10mg. Each serving is 25mg and you get 1000mg in the pocket sized pen. The oil is already activated and extremely versatile. Fill your own capsules, mix the oil in a warm liquid/food, or simply place it on a tooth and wash it down with cold water. The little effort you put in is worth the quality of the extract. Fairwinds has worked hard to improve the traditional RSO experience. No more plastic syringes without dosage measurement, one twist of the pen and a precise 25mg dose is dispensed. As cannabis products continue to progress, we see F.E.C.O pens becoming a staple for those looking to benefit from edibles effects without the unnecessary sugars and additives.




Vapor Cannabis Innovations: Constellation Solventless Hash Oil Cartridges 

Without knowing how it was made, this cartridge would most likely be categorized as a distillate or live resin extract. The golden color and oil consistency look pretty much the same. However, after you take the first puff, it immediately becomes clear that this vape from Constellation is far from your average cart. The flavor is extremely true to the cannabis strain used. It tastes like someone squished the oil right off the flower and directly into the cart. Technically, that’s pretty much what happens! No butane, ethanol, or any harsh solvents come in contact with the plant. Only ice, water, heat and pressure are needed to produce this oil. It took the companies lead extractor headhunter over a year of R&D to develop the tech to ensure consistency with the growing demand.

For those that burn through cartridges in a day you should consider these. It hits more like a dab of hash than a gentle vape high. A little goes a long way. The effects can be felt for hours just after a few puffs. This typically results in a half gram cartridge lasting a lot longer than expected. Before the flavored vape ban happened in Washington, Constellation was already spreading information of the lack of regulations for cannabis vape products. Instead of adding artificial flavoring to their oil, Constellation wants users to experience the taste and high of the specific strain used. Fair warning though, after you try their solventless hash oil, it’s hard to go back!

Carson Shipley

Carson Shipley