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Good Tide Rosin Gummies in Seattle

Tropical delight in every little bite!

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Naturally Rich Edibles Made With Solventless Hash Rosin

From the makers of Wyld, the wildly (no pun intended) popular gummy edibles, comes a new way to unwind: Good Tide.

For a lot of us, taking an edible (or two) is like a mini-vacation from the stuff life throws our way: bills, bosses, breakups.

Good Tide takes those vacation vibrations to a whole new level. Infused with solventless hash rosin, these highly-anticipated additions to the world of gummy edibles are chock-full of paradise-flavored punch.

Packed Full of Naturally Occurring Terpenes and Minor Cannabinoids

When you indulge in any of Good Tide’s gummies, you’ll get the same consistent effects you’ve come to love and expect of Wyld…with a terpy, tropical twist!

You see, “solventless hash rosin infusion” isn’t just a string of fancy buzzwords. It means you’ll enjoy more invigorating and relaxing plant properties than ever before!

Solventless extract retains the original composition of the flower it came from better than anything else.

As a result, it has more minor cannabinoids present. And not only that: it also has all the terpenes that steer your experience towards energizing or sedative.

Fair warning, though: taking a rosin gummy is a lot like flying first-class. Once you go solventless, it’s hard to go back.

True Tropical Fruit Flavor in Every Gummy

We’d be remiss not to mention the absolutely heavenly flavor of Good Tide’s gummies, so here we are. Because no matter which flavor you try, just their taste alone is enough to induce a tropical state of mind.

A Good Tide pineapple gummy is instant salt, sun, surf, and sand. Made with real fruit and infused with sativa-dominant strains, you can expect a happy-go-lucky, uplifting experience.

Then, there’s Good Tide mango gummies. Indica leaning rosin and real mango makes these little morsels absolute Myrcene bombs- so dive in in and enjoy some well-deserved inner chill.

And finally, we get to Good Tide’s guava gummies- a favorite among our budtenders. Juicy tropical flavor and hybrid solventless hash rosin complement an island state of mind beautifully.

Gummy Lovers, Meet Your Ideal Match

“You stay trippin'” isn’t always a bad thing- it could just mean you’ve dipped your toes into the stoney saltwater of Good Tide. Because, with these gummies on deck, every day is a holiday to an exotic locale.

Are you ready to take the plunge?

We’re excited to carry the full Good Tide Rosin Gummies line at every Lux location!

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