It’s officially that time of year; the lights are up, caroler’s voices echo throughout festively decorated neighborhoods, eggnog and hot cocoa are on demand at every house party, and presents are plentiful. The holidays are officially upon us. We love spending time with our loved ones but who are we kidding? It’s a busy time of year. The days are shorter, the nights are colder, the lines are longer and the parking lots are always full. While the holidays are filled with plenty of joy, the season of Santa has also been known to deliver an occasional headache. We’ve reviewed some of the more common holiday ailments here and provided you with some of the many antidotes we have available at (Lux) Pot Shop, to soothe all your holiday maladies.

CBD & THC moxey mints say goodbye to travel woes

Holiday-Travel Fatigue

Holidays are often synonymous with travel and holiday travel is often wrought with overweight bags, endless traffic and a couple hundred renditions of “are we there yet?” If you’re moments away from a meltdown, take a moment and a deep breath – and pop and then immediately pop a refreshing mint guaranteed to restore your patience and spirit. Moxey’s Mints make the perfect travel companion too! They’ll help you say goodbye to that stale breath and bad mood. With just one, maybe two, mints you’ll quickly forget why holiday traveling irked you in the first place.


Craft Elixirs an extra kick in your coffee

Three-Hour Santa-Line Soul Numbness

“I’ll look back on these pictures and remember this moment forever,” you half-heartedly remind yourself 45 minutes into your what ‘seems like forever’ wait time. But as you turn in to Scrooge and begin to lose feeling in your fingers waiting in the outdoor queue to meet the jolly old man himself, don’t dismay! We’ve got you covered with Dank, the most delectable cannabis-infused syrup from Craft Elixirs, which turns any old cup o’ joe in to the most fun mocha you’ve ever tasted. This delicious mood booster will have you out-smiling Santa and jollier than the happiest elf in the workshop. Just a couple capfuls and voila! You have become the spirit of Christmas, embodied.


Green Revolution tinctures: It's the life of the holiday party

Company-Party-You’d-Rather-Skip Syndrome

You’re not sure how it happens every winter, but here you are again. At the office holiday party, cornered by your overly chatty co-worker from down the hall who can’t stop bragging about the bonus that just bought them a brand new car. Despite the incessant rambling, you fear you might fall asleep in your watered down cocktail at any moment. Not to worry! We’ve got a variety of Green Revolution tinctures to liven up your drink and your imagination – making their awkward work stories with TMI a little more bearable and the rest of the party, much more exciting.


Fairwinds CBD Flow To Do list

Marathon-Family-Time Exhaustion

Wake up, bake pie, get the kids ready, whirlwind breakfast with visiting relatives, quick family photo shoot, run to the grocery store for a fresh poinsettia, race to the In-Laws for an early ‘dinner’ at 2 PM, obligatory PTA volunteering at the winter festival in the afternoon, then off to Mom’s house for caroling… Only to arrive back home 12 hours later and realize you still haven’t wrapped any presents. All those responsibilities are a lot for one day. But we’ve got you covered! Try Fairwinds Flow CBD deep tissue and joint cream! The non-psychoactive effects will last for hours and keep your wrapping fingers limber. Rub on any tired or aching place, to keep you feeling fine, dandy and unbothered, regardless of how many hiccups there are in your jam-packed schedule.


Velvet Swing: Meet me under the mistletoe

Acute-Seasonal-Marital Stress

At the end of the day, holidays are one of the most romantic times of the season, but with all the parties, school events, and shopping, it can be a challenge to find time to spend with your partner. This year, don’t let the season’s obligations kill the mood! Velvet Swing’s Cannabis Enhanced Lubricant and our wide variety of chocolate bonbons, truffles, and other sweets are guaranteed to help you create a night of pleasure, relaxation, and release, with your significant other.


honu Naturals 100mg THC bath bomb

Christmas Day-Delirium

You’ve done it! The presents have been opened. The stockings contents lay scattered about the living room. The cookies were consumed, and even the reindeer enjoyed their carrots and celery. The kids are playing with their new loot, and all that’s left to do is carve up the Christmas ham when family shows up. But after a whirlwind month of activities and endless scotch tape, you can barely see straight. Now is the time to take care of you! Let your mind and body unwind in a relaxing bath with a Honu Bath Bomb. An infused soak will help you cruise through the day and truly enjoy what’s left of the holiday season.

Whatever you’re dealing with this Holiday Season, we’re here to help you discover the best products to support your lifestyle!