community. culture. cannabis.

These are the core tenets of (Lux) Pot Shop, and the foundation of Washington’s legal, recreational, cannabis marketplace.

Our Seattle stores, in Ballard and Lake City, provide convenient access to premium products, in a clean, safe, and welcoming environment. Whether you are a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or are just beginning your adventure with recreational cannabis, we have an extensive selection of products, created with you in mind. With a wide selection of flower, pre-rolls, edible, infused drinks, vaporizers, concentrates, paraphernalia and more, our inventory has something for everyone.

Every day is an opportunity for us to share our knowledge about this incredible plant — otherwise known as marijuana, pot, weed, kush, chronic, dank, skunk, or the dozens of other nicknames it has received over the last several thousand years. We are both privileged and grateful to share this plant and its many properties, with people from all over the world. Join us as we work together, as a community, to advance our fledging industry.

Open late, seven days a week, come visit us at either (Lux) Pot Shop location, to unwind and reconnect, in new and exciting ways.

Tis the Season to Give.

Downtown Emergency Services Center
Food Lifeline
Mary's Place

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Visit us in historic Ballard.

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Lake City has a very long and rich history from the Duwamish people to modern time. It is considered one of the last frontiers of the Seattle area, yet to be inundated with condos and apartment complexes as much of the Greater Seattle area has been in the last decade.

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Get a behind the scenes scoop on the places we go, events we attend, companies that we partner with and more. We love the Cannabis plant and the industry in which we are privileged to work, we're excited to share some of our musings with you.

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